What Happens During a Specialist Visit?

Your first visit with your reproductive endocrinologist (RE) will likely begin with a discussion about:
  • Medical history, including family medical history
  • Diet and lifestyle
  • Current sexual practices
Your RE will then examine you, and may have recommendations for your partner. These exams may consist of:
  • A general physical exam
  • A comprehensive pelvic and genital exam
  • A breast exam and routine Pap test
Your doctor may also ask for blood work before or after the visit, and your partner may be referred for a separate examination.
After this initial visit, you will receive a date for a follow-up appointment, during which your doctor will review test results with you and recommend a fertility treatment plan.
You and your partner can see a fertility specialist if you have questions or concerns about your fertility — the sooner you take action, the sooner your fertility problem may be diagnosed and treated.