Save on Fertility Treatments

Making Treatment Affordable

There are various ways for you and your partner to pay for your fertility treatment, including savings programs and financing options.

  • Loans: Banks and financing companies may make loans that enable patients to pay for their fertility treatment in manageable monthly installments. Some fertility clinics also have relationships with financing companies
  • IVF center programs: Some IVF centers offer their patients alternate payment plans as an option for paying for their IVF procedures. Many centers also make more traditional financing plans available to their patients. Your healthcare provider can tell you if they offer any payment programs

If you're looking at pursuing IVF financing, it may be useful to compare several options to find the one that best suits your personal financial situation.

You and your partner may also be able to list your medical expenses as a deduction on your income tax return. It is important that you talk to a tax advisor or accountant about this before pursuing treatment and claiming deductions. Be sure to keep organized records of both your expenses and your interactions with your healthcare provider and insurance company, including all dates and receipts.