Male Infertility

Male fertility and sperm quality decline as a man ages, but in healthy males this is generally not a problem until about 60 years of age.13 Additional factors apart from age, however, may have negative effects on male fertility.

If you and your partner are having trouble getting pregnant, a fertility specialist or reproductive endocrinologist may perform a semen analysis to determine if sperm quality is affecting your ability to conceive.

Abnormal sperm count, concentration, volume, motility, forward14 progression or sperm shape15 may be among the causes for male infertility.16

Other reasons for infertility in men include:
  • Scrotal varicocele17
  • Retrograde ejaculation18
  • Immune disorders19
  • Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)20
  • Lifestyle factors such as being obese or underweight, smoking, drinking excess alcohol or caffeine, or using recreational drugs21
  • Environmental factors such as long-term intensive exposure to certain types of chemicals, toxins, or medications22
  • Hormone imbalance23
  • Vasectomy24

Fortunately, once diagnosed, many of the causes of male infertility may be addressed through fertility treatment options.

You and your partner can see a fertility specialist if you have questions or concerns about your fertility ― don't wait.

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