Emotional Support During Fertility Treatment

Understanding the emotional hurdles and challenges that may arise during an infertility experience, and learning how other couples have overcome them, can help you and your partner remain positive throughout your fertility journey.

Other couples who have gone through fertility treatment have a lot of advice to share.

Many couples talk about the importance of:

  • Recognizing that intense emotions can sometimes get in the way of rational thinking
  • Understanding how each treatment stage works and how long it could take
  • Making preparations to help you balance your life with a fertility treatment schedule
  • Planning ahead to ensure you can take medication at proper times
  • Being prepared for what many women describe as “waiting to know”
  • Sharing your concerns with others who have struggled with the same issues
  • Understanding the treatment timeframe to help decide if and when it’s time to try an alternative
  • Planning ahead to help you and your partner make personal decisions during an emotional phase more easily
  • Creating a personalized fertility plan to help put the medical, emotional and financial aspects of your treatments into perspective

If you and your partner become concerned about your progress during treatment, talk to your fertility specialist.